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Our Makerspace has the equipment, supplies, and knowledgeable library staff that will help make your creations a reality.

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    Makerspace Hours

    For questions about our technology, please email our Maker Librarian, Mike at

    For questions about our arts & crafts, please email our Circulation Supervisor, Bethany at

    For questions about our Cricut and Laser cutter, please email  Cristina at

    3D Printing

    With our 3D printer, you can make your imagination a reality!

    DREMEL® DigiLab 3D Printer 3D45

    DREMEL® DigiLab 3D Printer 3D45

    Bring the power of advanced FDM 3D printing to your desktop or print via USB.

    The perfect printer for design creations and prototyping.

    High-quality 3D builds a resolution of up to 50 microns which are printed on a heated bed.

    The 3D45 is designed to help you visualize and create complex projects. Download the Dremel Print Request Sheet

    Download The Makespace 3D Printer policy

    Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer

    Use the Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer software for convenient and intuitive slicing of the print file.

    Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer will allow you to securely slice your CAD files without the need for an Internet connection.

    Download for Windows

    Download for Macs

    Web Sites


    • Digital Designs for Physical Objects
    • Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC.
    • Thingiverse is a universe of things.


    Create 3D digital designs


    With the Cricut equipment, you can make custom hats, mugs, t-shirts, aprons, napkins, cards, wood signs, and more!

    Click here to learn more about each of these items!

    Cricut Design Software

    Design Space®

    Cricut EasyPress 2

    A smart heat press for almost anything.

    Design: Create your design with iron-on (HTV) or Infusible Ink™ materials.

    Create: Attach your design to your item, then press with the heat plate.

    Admire: Enjoy your new item!

    Informational Websites

    Cricut Mug Press

    A smart heat press for mugs.

    Design: Create your design with sublimation or Infusible Ink™ materials.

    Create: Attach your design to your item, then insert it in the mug press.

    Admire: Enjoy your new mug!

    Informational Websites Cricut Hat Press Smart Heat Press Machine for Hats with  Built-in Bluetooth, Connects to Cricut Heat App, Curved, Ceramic-Coated Heat  Plate, Easy Temperature Control with Safety Base & Auto-Off Feature :

    Cricut Hat Press

    A smart heat press for hats.

    Design: Create your design with iron-on (HTV) or Infusible Ink™ materials.

    Create: Attach your design to the hat, then press with the curved heat plate.

    Admire: Enjoy your custom hat!

    Informational Websites

    Cricut Maker 3 Machine

    Cricut Maker 3

    The ultimate cutting machine.

    Design: Start from scratch, or get a head start with 1,000s of ready-to-make projects.

    Click: Customize to your liking, click Make It, then follow the on-screen prompts.

    Admire: Put it together, add finishing touches & enjoy the end result.

    Informational Websites


    Sphero Robots

    Discover what you can do with the Sphero robots.

    • Remote control your Sphero robot with different ways to race.
    • You will learn Block Drive for an intro to programming with intuitive Blocks.
    • Create your own games to challenge your friends.
    • Intermediate coders can use Scratch blocks to learn more advanced logic, while pros can use text programming.

    Little Bits

    Explore your creativity using little Bits® and make inventions.

    • We have stand-alone Creep Crawl Creatures, pinball games, alarm clocks, Bubble Blowers, and droids.
    • We also have a giant case and booklet of countless little projects.

    With little Bits, you’ll develop important STEM skills while having fun.

    Learn about how circuits work. You will learn electronics and engineering. 

    3D Doodler Start

    A 3D  Doodler™ pen is a pen that extrudes heated or warm plastic from the pen’s nozzle.

    In the words of a teacher we work with, “Whatever you imagine, you can draw.”

    You can draw a raised graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface.

    You’ll be able to “draw” in mid-air, allowing you to instantly form 3D structures right in front of you, which you can pick up and hold in your hand.

    Hard to picture? Check it out.

    Bloxels: Build Your Own Games

    Create your own video game!

    Be an Artist, Movie Director, storyteller, Programmer, Publisher, and Player.

    Let Friends and other builders play your game.

    Build a World for your game to take place.

    Populate it with heroes and creatures that you imagine.

    Lego Brick Films

    Learn how to do stop-motion animation. Come up with a story or script. Lego mini-figures will be your actors. Whatever you choose to create will be cars, buildings, machines, and set pieces.

    The only equipment needed is an iPod or smartphone. We can’t wait to see you at the movies!

    Arts & Crafts

    Button Maker Machine

    Button Makers (Large 2.5″) and small (1″):

    • Buttons
    • Magnets
    • Pins
    • Button Openers
    • Mirrors
    • Chain
    • Collects
    • Pins

    Clay Station

    Experience modeling, playing with, and baking clay.


    • Polymer Clay and Air Dry Clay
    • Tools
    • 3D-printed cookie cutters
    • Wooden Stamps
    • Stencils
    • Clay oven

    Art Cart

    • Coloring books and pages
    • Rocks to paint
    • Gel pens and Tempura sticks

    Craft Cart

    • Paracord Bracelet kit
    • Origami kit
    • Wooden items to paint and build
    • (items offered subject to change)


    Manual Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

    • Cardmaking
    • Paper Jewelry
    • Art
    • Scrapbooking Elements

    Glue Guns and Embossing Guns

    Bring your own projects to finish up or use on projects created in MS

    Card Making Supplies

    • Rubber Stamps and Stamp Pads
    • Card Stock and Patterned Paper
    • Stickers
    • Paint Pens
    • Glue Sticks
    • Watercolors Paints

    DIY Beading Station

    • First 3 pieces free
    • Tools
    • Cord
    • Jewelry Findings
    • Beads

    Sublimation Printer

    Print your own art or clip art!

    • Mugs ($3)
    • Clothing
    • Bags
    • Coasters
    • Bring your own sublimation items

    Other Equipment

    Zing Epilog Laser Cutter

    Uses a thin focused laser beam to pierce, cut and etch through clear materials creating patterns and geometrics.

    • Wood cutting, Engraving
    • Award Engraving
    • Glass Etching and Engraving
    • Acrylic Cutting and Engraving
    • Customize leather items

    Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool

    High Performance Rotary Tool

    • Cutting
    • Carving
    • Engraving
    • Grinding
    • Sharpening
    • Cleaning
    • Polishing
    • Sanding

    A3 Blusmart Laminator

    Versatile accessories:

    • You can easily get beautifully rounded corners
    • The paper trimmer with accurate grid lines makes a neat cut
    • The laminating photo frames are versatile DIY projects and crafts

    VHS to DVD Converter

    • Capture old VHS, Beta, 8mm or camcorder tapes and convert them to DVD or other digital formats.
    • Convert and watch your captured video on portable devices, and share it with friends and family on YouTube.

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