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Copy Machines

Located on the first and second floors.

Black and white copies – $0.20

Color copies – $0.40 Machines do single or double sided copies and can collate and staple. We have letter, legal, and 11” x 17” paper.


Free Wifi

Free scanning

Printing – $0.20 per page black and white, $0.40 color

Free individual and group computer classes available – Please see program calendar for upcoming classes

Conference Rooms

Please call to schedule

Exhibits and Display Cases

Rotating exhibits and displays of patrons collections

Fax Machine

Located on the first floor.

Cover sheets provided.

Outgoing $1.00 per page. If over 5 pages $5.00 fee.

Incoming $1.00 fee

Internet Access


Museum Passes

Please click the link above to go to our new museum pass page.
Call the library the day before or the day you’re going to see if the pass is available. You can pick it up at the front downstairs desk. Passes may be borrowed for 3 days.

Boston Museum of Science

Historic New England

New Bedford Whaling Museum *

Providence Children’s Museum *

Tomaquag Museum *

The fine for museum passes is $2 dollars per day, per item, with a maximum fine of $10 per item. Pass needs to be checked out on a valid library card. Please return the pass to our library.

* Pass paid for by the Friends of the Library.



Play Away Launch Pad


Special Collections

The library has special collections of Town of Smithfield historical materials, RI historical materials, and the Doris Pennell Mowry Archives Collection, which consists of genealogical materials and materials on the Society of Friends or Quakers. These materials may only be used in the library.


2GB thumb drives $10.00

VHS to DVD Conversion Service

VHS to DVD Converter FAQ and Policy

 How does the VHS to DVD Converter work?

Our VHS to DVD converter works by recording your VHS tape onto a computer via a VCR player and then burns the recorded file onto a blank DVD-R disc. The entirety of the VHS tape must be played as it records, so the process time varies.

Does one VHS tape equal one DVD disc? Not necessarily. Our DVD discs hold about 90 minutes of recorded material, so if your VHS tape is longer than an hour and a half, your video may have to be recorded onto more than one disc.

May I convert my VHS copy of “Jurassic Park” or another feature film/TV series? No, the library cannot convert any VHS tape that has been copyrighted. We can only convert home movies or VHS tapes that you have recorded.

How much does this service cost? The service is free, but we do charge $1.00 per DVD. The Converter may only be used by library cardholders.

  • It is expressly prohibited to convert any VHS tapes that violates or infringes upon a patent, trademark, or other proprietary use. Use of the Converter and associated equipment shall follow all legal guidelines. U.S. Copyright Law governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of the copyrighted material.
  • The library does not guarantee a successful conversion. The quality of the material will depend on the quality of the recording on the VHS tape.
  • A charge in the amount of the DVDs cost will be added to the patron’s record for any unclaimed discs. An agreement, by signing this policy, I understand the terms and agree to abide by them.




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