Create your own video game

Be an artist, movie director,

Be an artist, movie director,

storyteller, programmer,

publisher, and player. Let

friends and other builders

play your game. Build a

world for your

game to take place.

Populate it with

heroes and


that you imagine

Lego Movies

Learn how to do stop-motion animation. Come up with a story or script. Lego minifigures will be your actors. Whatever you choose to create will be cars, buildings, machine, and  set pieces.

The only equipment needed is an ipod or smart phone. We cant wait to see you at the movies

3d Doodlr

It is like having a 3d Printer in your hands.

Using the same material as a 3d Printer. It’s safe and easy to use.

Build 3d Structures such as houses, castles, or landmarks

Create items such as glass frames, potted plants, and vehicles.