Virtual BlocksCAD Workshop! No CAD (computer-aided-design) experience? No problem

All Day

BlocksCAD is a graphical, engaging, and effective way to CAD, where the outcome is improved math & computer science skills. CAD (Computer-aided design) is a computer technology that designs a product and documents the design’s process. This workshop will cover the use of the BlocksCAD program. This drag and drop (like Scratch) software is it mostly used to describe a solid 3D model. So you can use variables to make a design that can change sizes – like a ring where you can specify the finger radius. Or you can use loops to make even patterns shapes in a design – like the numbers on a dice or the steps in a staircase. In addition, you can build up your own library of shapes to use in designs.

This session will take plave on November 9 from 3-4pm.
This is a RICM virtual workshop using google “MEETS”. As with all workshops, this is open to all ages 10 and up. Space is limited. The workshop is part of RICM’s ongoing virtual outreach workshops. Interested? E-mail and we will let you know if there is an opening.